about echoBlue reach out and connect...

echoBlue was first designed and built in 2007, since then it has been in constant development and is currently going through major changes.  We are alwys striving to add value to your bluetooth marketing campaign, be that a viral marketing campaign, or a form of promixity marketing that ensures your message is delivered the most effective way.

We have recentely enhanced our bluetooth marketing portfolio to include 4 new products.  1) echoBlue Marketing System, 2) echoBlue Mini 3) echoBlue Cast 3) echoBlue Pod. All these solutions have varying degrees of scalabilty and use. Find out more by calling our sales team.

echoBlue also recognises different handsets and automatically sends compatible content to the given handsets. For example some LG and Motorola phones cannot accept business cards with logos - echoBlue understands this and will send the appropriate content to those phones 'on the fly'.







updated 11/08/08