Bluetooth Marketing
Bluetooth Marketing. echoBlue offer the ultimate in Bluetooth Marketing products. Deliver content to mobiles and PDA’s quickly and with no transmission cost to either you or your target audience.
Proximity Marketing
Proximity Marketing. Deliver relevant, quality media advertising and marketing materials to anyone within proximity of your echoBlue Bluetooth Marketing System.
Bluetooth Advertising
Bluetooth Advertising. Our Bluetooth Proximity Marketing products enable you to send a direct advertisement in a wide range of formats such as: Video, Audio, Text, Still Images and Animated Images.
Bluetooth Products
Bluetooth Marketing Products. We have developed echoBlue to utilise the functionality of Bluetooth technology to deliver targeted content to Bluetooth enabled devices.
how does it work Step 1: Create or setup your campaign Step 2:Load up your campaign

Step 3: When active device is nearby echoBlue will identify it amd send out your advert.

Enhanced Retail Experience
Bluetooth Marketing can ensure that recipients have an enhanced retail experience.
Drive Sales
Drive Sales by offering digital delivery of vouchers and promotional offers.
Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty. Increase loyalty through opportunities, loyalty programs and incentives.
Enhance Your Brand
Enhance your brand. Extend your brand beyond your retail location.
benefits of echoBlue

Bluetooth marketing means your customers gain access to information about products and services. This frees your staff to deal with additional customers. echoBlue enables retailers and service operators to encourage viral marketing.

echoBlue can send many types of content files to a handset and these are increasing each time the handset manufacturers introduce new models. Some of the files types supported are:

  1. Text as .txt files
  2. vCard /vCal 
  3. Still images as GIF or Jpeg/JPG files
  4. Animated GIF files
  5. Audio - WAV, RMF, MP3, MP4
  6. Video - RM, 3GP or MP4 files
  7. Java Applications