• Request a plan with all the companies which are present
  • Download product information from certain companies, while the representatives are occupied.
  • Emergency numbers
  • Reservations
  • Automatically receiving of information after sending a business card to a certain fair stand.

The runner of a stadium or event hall can offer to his visitors or partner enterprises an attractive service by integrating echoBlue. This system enables the distribution of

  • Information on the different events
  • Ground plans
  • Dates of events
  • Campaigns of his cooperation partners to numerous visitors.

As a client enters, or passes by your outlet you can attract them to the latest offers or send them your contact details free of charge. No matter where your customer is they will always have your number to hand.


Catering, Restaurants, Bars and Movie Theaters

  • Daily menus, also receivable outside within 100 meters
  • Complete access to menus
  • Send music or movie-files
  • Game Bonus: For example if the customer buys a menu, he gets a mobile game for free
  • Trailer download -Movies and more.
Restaurants and Bars

Shopping Centers

  • Automatically update of people walking by about special deals and a plan of the mall.
  • Event-Calendar
  • Market research
  • Email
  • Special offerings / Coupons
Shopping Centers

echoBlue is a complete Bluetooth Marketing system that allows you to run your own Bluetooth marketing campaigns at an amazing price!

  • Increase New Business Target consumers who pass by your premises by sending your special offers and introductory prices to their phone.
  • Increase Repeat Business By ensuring your latest offers are stored in your customers' phones.
  • No Ongoing Costs There are NO ongoing charges to use echoBlue - when you buy the system you own it (no license or per messages charges like most systems).
  • Flexible echoBlue allows you to broadcast a huge range of messages such as images, vouchers and videos.

There are no per message charges and the system includes a state of the art 250m Bluetooth version 2.0 (3x faster) transmitter.

echoBlue, the Bluetooth marketing system automatically sends your message to any customer’s mobile phone within range of the transmitter.

How does echoBlue work?

echoBlue constantly searches for Bluetooth phones and automatically sends your message to all phones found in range. The customer can either accept or decline your message.

echoBlue remembers who has received your message so doesn't send to the same person twice - should you ever change your message you can easily opt to send to everyone again.

At the click of a button echoBlue will tell you how many messages have been offered, accepted or rejected at any point in time.

Messages are free to send and receive using Bluetooth technology.

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